mcat date advice

  1. notfanning

    Is it okay to submit AMCAS mid-June?

    Hey all! So due to a delay in the processing my FAP application, I was unable to register for the May 5th MCAT test date as I'd originally intended. I have, however, registered for the May 18th exam. My alma mater requires all applicants to receive their MCAT scores before sending out their...
  2. M

    Urgently need advice about impending MCAT date

    Hi, I am registered to take MCAT on July 21st( in 34 days ) and want to apply to MD schools in New Jersey. I have spent ~3 months in content review and so far have only taken two full lengths, AAMC sample test and AAMC Practice test 1. Based on my scores below, please tell me if I should...