mcat prep materials

  1. Doctor_Faith07

    Selling MCAT Practice Exams, Section Bank, Question Banks (Chemistry & Physics), and Flashcards

    Willing to negotiate! Please inbox me for details! :) Sent from my iPhone using SDN mobile
  2. N

    MCAT Prep Materials

    So I'm looking to start studying for the MCAT. I will be graduating in June 2018 from my university but applying for the 2019 year for medical school... so I'm taking a year off to prepare for the MCAT and address other parts of my application. I have some questions: 1. Should I buy the...
  3. AdaptPrep

    MCAT Tips on Prepping for the MCAT

    MCAT Hints & Tips: 1. Register and prepare early! Register earlier rather than later for the MCAT so that you can apply to medical school sooner as well U.S. MCAT Testing Calendar and Score Release Dates UNDERSTAND THE TEST 1. Review the AAMC guidelines regarding what the MCAT...
  4. Jsor20

    Extra Courses to prepare for NEW MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to take the MCAT at the beginning of 2017. I have one more semester to take a couple extra classes. To anyone that has taken the NEW MCAT, or anyone who has good info, what are the best courses besides the required courses. I am deciding between a physiology course...
  5. N

    2015 TPR Science Workbook, CARS Workbook, In Class Compendium---Brand New

    I am selling the Science Workbook, CARS Workbook, and In-Class Compendium individually. They are very difficult to find and provide great practice. These copies have never been used and are in brand new condition. PM for offers!
  6. regret_chE

    Kaplan Prep Course CHEAP (DAT, MCAT, PCAT)

    I'm signed up for a Kaplan Prep course however, I'm postponing my med school plan for a very long time and therefore would like to sell my course for very very cheap before it expires. Right now, I am registered for the MCAT On-Demand course and I have the books for it but you can switch it to...