mcat question

  1. walrus99

    MCAT Question Pack #58 Question

    I got this question wrong. Looking back I see why my choice was wrong, stupid mistake. A gene sequence obviously only hybridizes with its complementary sequence. What I am still confused about though, is why does a gene sequence in HUMAN LUNG TISSUE complement a synthetic hantavirus gene? This...
  2. D

    Higher wavelength penetrate the tissue better why?

    Why does a higher wavelength penetrate a tissue below the skin better? Why wouldn't it be a lower wavelength => higher energy that penetrates a tissue better? Thanks!
  3. M

    Need advice over MCAT prep strategy

    Hey guys, I am planning to take the mcat in august. I am planning to dedicate june and july to study for it. I just don't know if I should study on my own or I should enroll in a prep course (with Kaplan or Princeton). Most people that I know that had scored Avg. or above Avg. on the new mcat...