1. J

    Retaking MCATs?

    I took the MCATs in January and scored 511 (127/129/128/127). My initial goal was realistically 515+ (ideally 520) so I was planning to retake it over this summer. But with everything going on with shortened test times and rescheduling chaos, I wasn't sure if it's worth the trouble to retake the...
  2. hmoon7155

    Low GPA, studying for MCATs, many doubts about entering the medical profession

    To whom it may concern, Firstly, I have low low overall GPA, 2.49. Graduated from Grinnell College. I'm 30 years old and I have doubts about entering the medical profession considering my low undergrad performance. I have been studying for the MCATS since graduating in 2011. Some medical...
  3. gmianosi


  4. F

    CARS study strategy?

    I heard a while back that reading articles in the WSJ, medical magazine articles, or old literary pieces really helped to prepare for the CARS section, to the point where some people needed very little preparation outside of this. I wanted to know if this was generally agreed upon since I'd...
  5. F

    General MCAT & application questions

    So these may be stupid but my pre med adviser is no help, so a couple of general questions on the MCAT and applications: Does it matter how many times you take it? Obviously I'm aiming for once but do med schools know how many times you've taken it like with the SAT? Can you super score...
  6. F

    new MCAT study material recommendations?

    Since the new MCAT has been out for a little while now does anyone have any specific books or flashcards or brands of study materials that are pretty good prep material. Or any tips in general for a pre med freshman? I've read it's good to get used to longer higher level articles so I've been...