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    McKenzie Part A and B Manuals

    Hey guys! My classmate and I are about to go on an outpatient orthopedic clinical rotation to Australia and were recommended by the site to familiarize ourselves with McKenzie and his techniques before starting our rotation. I was wondering if anyone knew of an online resource (i.e. a PDF)...
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    Questions about dental consultants - Fortune and McKenzie.

    Hi, everyone. Do any of you have experience with dental consultants ? Have any of you worked with Fortune Management and/or McKenzie Management ? I have contacted a few dental consultants about the possibility to open a practice but so far have been very uncomfortable about them and their...
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    MDT for the extremities

    Hey guys, glad to see such lively discussions here. I currently work in a facility that mostly MDT trained (mckenzie) therapists and four Cert MDTs. We use a lot of MDT for the shoulder, knee, ankles, hips, elbows with incredible success, I was wondering if anybody else uses these techniques...