medical discharge

  1. DocArmy

    Army Repeat MEB's

    It's been a hot minute since I was around here, but I have a question for the AD docs, army specifically. I was told by a colleague that the Army is repeating MEB's for anyone who was retained on active duty after the Valentines day memo. He said they'd contacted him and that he'd be redoing...
  2. A

    Medical discharge from HPSP

    I am a third year who was Navy HPSP. I've been informed that the Navy medical review board has decided to discharge me for a h/o PE with a subsequent finding of slightly low Protein C levels that my doctor stated shouldn't be a worry. It is documented that the PE was caused by an injury that...
  3. C

    HPSP Medical discharge and payback?

    I am an HPSP medical student. I was diagnosed about a year ago with a health condition (after starting medical school and HPSP). Since then, it has been progressively getting worse, and I now believe it will affect my ability to serve active duty. There is no cure. (It's not HIV). My question...