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    Thoughts on these MedPeds Programs?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your thoughts are on ranking these three medpeds programs? I'm primarily interested in what you know about the programs and assuming all else equal, which you would rank higher. Miami/Jackson Memorial MedPeds Stony Brook MedPeds Rutgers MedPeds I would...
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    Med-Peds 2019-2020 Interview Thread

    Hi guys! I've noticed that there is no official thread for Med-Peds Interviews 2019-2020. I will follow the same format as Med-Peds 2018-2019 Interview Thread . Copy the most recent post and add your name next to the schools where you got interview invites (or rejections). Write the date when...
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    Med-Peds Interview Impressions 2017-18

    Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying the interview season and getting to meet some awesome Med-Peds people! I thought it would be helpful to start a thread where people can post their thoughts on both interviews as well as anything they want to share about their home institutions. Googledoc link is...
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    Med-Peds 2017-2018 Interview Thread

    Hi everyone! I noticed that a thread to chat about applying to med-peds programs was missing and thought I would start one assuming there's interest. Where are y'all getting interview invites? Perhaps we can follow the format of past years: ~*~*~Official 2015-2016 Med-Peds Interview Thread~*~*~
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    Peds vs. MedPeds Training

    Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of my third year and trying to decide what to apply for for sub-Is and where to get LORs, so I need to start making some more decisions. I think I'll end up in either congenital heart or peds endo (I know, very different). What I'm trying to decide is whether to do...
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    Help Me Rank (Med-Peds)