1. D

    AIBM MedStudy 2021 video series and books brand new never used

    Hey guys! I am a prelim going to the dark side radiology. My residency program gave me a subscription to MedStudy 2021 internal medicine video board series. This comes with a paperback syllabus. I also got the IM CORE 19th edition 5 books from MedStudy. As I will not be taking the IM boards, I...
  2. F

    For Sale PEDIATRICS | MedStudy Peds 2018-2019 Flashcards (ABP)

    Price: $150.00 Item: MedStudy 2018-2019 Flashcards for ABP (Pediatric Boards) Reinforce important, high yield essential facts for the Pediatric Boards with the new 2018-2019 printed flashcards! This product includes over 1000 printed cards (1088), with 50 "make your own" blank cards. They...
  3. F

    ABIM Med Study Books

    ABIM Med Study Books (Full Set for Internal Medicine Board Review) Price Negotiable: please send me a message (DM) if interested
  4. C

    Post-AOBIM Exam Comment

    Prior to taking the AOBIM exam, I couldn't find any thread about tip for studying AOBIM Board, and the comparison between Medstudy vs MKSAP. I guess the candidates for taking AOBIM is declining and soon that AOBIM will be gone. Anyway, I would like to share my study experience with everyone...
  5. Carso93

    IELTS and Clinical Elective

    Hello! I would like to do a clinical elective in UK or USA the next year. I'm a med student (4th year for now) and I have a IELS score of 6. Do you know some hospitals that accept a score like this? Thank you a lot. Bye!
  6. O

    ABIM medstudy recert review package

    I just took the ABIM recert exam. I took medstudy. I have the medstudy books and DVDs in original package. I am selling back at half price . if you need to study for the internal medicine board, these will be helpful. you can buy all or separate. I also have 3 months worth of questions in...