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    Online biochemistry 2 class was subpar

    I had to take second semester biochm (essentially just metabolism) over winter break online due to scheduling conflicts with my other classes and didn't have a choice if I didn't want to take summer classes. I literally did not learn anything in this class. I got an A because it was way too...
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    Liver metabolism

    Why does the liver use dietary amino acids in the well-fed state to produce energy and fatty acids in the fasting mode? I would think that both amino acids and fatty acids would be used in a well-fed state because if we ate food that is rich in fat it passes through the portal vein and can be...
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    EK Exam 1 Question 145

    This is a specific question for anyone who has taken Examkrackers Exam 1. On question 145, the graph depicts a steady increase in plasma glycerol over time, which is attributed to the action of beta oxidation of triglycerides occurring steadily over time. This makes sense to me, but I selected...