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    Choosing type of research

    Hello, I am in a dilemma trying to choose the research lab I would want to work in. I received an offer from a traditional cancer research lab, where I would be doing things like dissecting mice. The lab has mainly premed undergrads. On the other hand, there is a lab which focuses more on the...
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    Laboratory work on mouse jaws

    Hello! I'm currently doing a Master in Biomedicine, and a pair project came up where I have to come up with my own laboratory method. I'm struggling to find any information regarding this particular topic. I'm looking for any suggestions and tips. My question is: How to isolate embryonic...
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    How to get used to working with mice in a lab?

    Hello! I recently started volunteering in a pharmacy, neuroscience focused, lab. We work with mice and I'm having a hard time getting comfortable with some of the things we have to do with them. Today, I was asked to euthanize one by first doing cervical dislocation and I was too scared - so...