military spouse

  1. FutureDO2020

    Residency and military SO

    I was wondering how many other people on here have a military SO/spouse and are wondering what their options are for residency. Of course I will be looking into ACGME residencies near my SO's base and am aware that we may have to continue being LDR for the entirety/some of my residency. Has...
  2. L

    Need some advice about medical school/PA school, military spouse

    Hey everyone, I need some advice on a decision that I am struggling to make..... I am an senior and will be getting my B.S. in Biology this December. I had planned on going applying to PA school initially but now I'm considering medical school. The main reason that I was picking PA over medical...
  3. R

    A gap year as a nontraditional. Will this put me even more behind?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post to SDN. I have read many different threads, but haven't found any answers specific to my situation, so here it is, and I'm sorry it's so long. Little background: I started college at a community college, and only went for two quarters. From those two...