1. A

    Post-Bacc Options

    Hi there! I am trying to decide on a post-bacc program and wanted some opinions. I am currently an AmeriCorps doing a term of service in Seattle (I finish in July). I graduated last May (in three years with a 3.6 GPA and majored in political science and minored in humanitarian studies). I...
  2. Mr.SoloDolo

    Mills Post-bacc 2016

    Hey Everybody I will be beginning the Mills post-bacc pre-med program this coming fall 2016 and I wanted to find out, is anyone on these boards doing the same? Also, I'm planning on living on-campus in grad housing and I'm interested in hearing where others plan to live. Feel free to join the...
  3. W

    Post Bacc Pre med Decisions- UVM v Mills v UConn

    Hi everyone, After years of thinking about it, I decided this winter to apply to some post-bacc pre med programs in the interest of becoming a physician. I've received accepted to UVM, Mills College. I'm waiting on UConn, so who knows, but for the sake of this post I'm assuming I am in...