1. P

    Master’s in Counseling w/ Mindfulness Training?

    Hello! Does anyone know of any CACREP-Accredited master’s in counseling programs that have a mindfulness-based theoretical orientation and/or provides training in new wave behavior therapies, such as DBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or MBCT thank you!
  2. Cura_te_ipsum

    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic

    We see it in medical students: immature developmental social skills, lack of skill sets to interact with patients and peers, playing on their laptops / phones during lectures, heads buried in their electronic devices during clinical rotations and rounds, terrified to meet with faculty to address...
  3. Y

    Doctoral Candidates of Psychology, Win $50 Amazon gift card: Impact of Providing Therapy on Trainee

    Impact of Providing Therapy on Trainees (Dissertation Research) Description: This research study will investigate the relationship between mindfulness and the positive/negative impact of providing therapy on the therapist trainee. To participate: - Must be age 18+ - Must be a doctoral...