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    For Sale INTERNAL MEDICINE | MKSAP 17 + Board Basics for ABIM

    Price: $250 or best offer Item: MKSAP 17 Book Set + Board Basics for the ABIM (Internal Medicine Boards) 11 comprehensive textbooks covering the topics for the ABIM with one high-yield summary book, Board Basics. Please send me a direct message if you are interested!
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    Post-AOBIM Exam Comment

    Prior to taking the AOBIM exam, I couldn't find any thread about tip for studying AOBIM Board, and the comparison between Medstudy vs MKSAP. I guess the candidates for taking AOBIM is declining and soon that AOBIM will be gone. Anyway, I would like to share my study experience with everyone...
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    Newest MKSAP for Internal Medicine Shelf $50

    Selling a completely new copy of MKSAP for students 6 (aka IM Essentials for Students Questions), successor to the well-known MKSAP for students 5. For 3rd year medical students prepping for the internal medicine NBME shelf exam. Instead of officially calling it "MKSAP 6", ACP decided to name...