mmi interviews

  1. ----x----

    ----x---- MMI Strategy

    I interviewed at one school with an MMI, got in, and as it is my top choice I am not doing any other interviews. I don't have a wide breadth of experience to share, but did prepare significantly for the interview and I definitely was more comfortable because of it. I have done mock interviews as...
  2. CavsFan2016

    MMI Interview tomorrow...any tips?

    I have an MMI interview tomorrow at University of Cincinnati. What can I expect?? Any tips/advice appreciated!
  3. OnStrings

    Tips to prepare for MMI's?

    What are some good tips to prepare for MMI interviews? All I can really think of is reading through sample questions and formulating answers, and practicing aloud, but how do I know if my answers are 'correct?' Are there resources available that detail recommended answers to questions that have...