mock interview

  1. kimpossible26

    In need of last minute interview practice

    Hey Everyone! I recently got invited to an interview this week. All my previous interviews resulted in being waitlisted, so I partially think that my interview skills are severely lacking. I want to know if anyone is willing to do some last minute practice sessions with me. I understand this...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical 7 Steps to Acing Your Med School Interview

    Congratulations! You have been identified as one of the most promising applicants for medical school during this application cycle. Follow these seven steps to ensure that you ace your interview and receive an acceptance: Step 1: Celebrate! While you may be nervous about embarking on the next...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical What NOT to Say During Your Med School Interview…

    Q: “Why do you want to come to our school?” A: “Because you’re the only school that invited me to interview!” DING! Looking for more answers to avoid and things NOT to do during your interview? What about a whole list of things that you SHOULD do to earn the respect and appreciation of your...
  4. MedicalDestiny

    ERAS NRMP Residency Advisor for 2020 Match

    I have years of experience as a USMLE Step 2 CS tutor; and more recently have worked one on one with medical students, Foreign Medical Graduates FMGS, IMG international medical graduates in helping them get their ERAS applications— personal statements, CV, and doing mock interviews with them/...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Practicing for Your Med School Interview: Conversation 101

    Most applicants come away from their first med school interview saying, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” As in many areas of life, the anticipation of a stressful event can be worse than the event itself. Although many med schools work hard to make applicants feels relaxed, this...
  6. C

    Please help me on my first interview

    Hi guys, I am having an interview at Touro dental school on February 14th and I really don’t have any interview experience. I hope you would be generous to share with me your experience or give me mock interviews so I can be ready for this upcoming interview. Thank you very much and I really...
  7. W

    Free Mock MMI Interviews

    Hi Fam, The interview season is upon us, so I thought I would conduct free, 1-hour mock MMI interviews. I have been helping this community by editing PSs and, because I have some experience in interviewing at my job in addition to having been the interviewee 4-5 times (MMI and traditional), I...
  8. J

    Nashville Mock Interview Buddy?

    Hey y'all, Is anyone here... 1. living in/near Nashville 2. interested in doing mock interviews? Would love to meet up with someone and practice!
  9. _NM_

    Mock Interview Prep?

    Found a few mock interview buddies--problem solved! Thanks for the advice.
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical Do I Really Need a Mock Admissions Interview? [Short Video]

    Just how important is a mock interview if you have a graduate school admissions interview coming up? Listen to Linda Abraham’s 2-minute answer to this often-asked question. Related Resources: • MBA Mock Interview Package • Medical School Mock Interview Package • Law School Mock Interview...