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    Physician Loans for Pharmacists (recommendations and advice)

    I am looking to buy a home and recently learned of physician home loans that are open to PharmDs. Not all providers of this loan type are open to pharmacists - most are restricted to MDs, DOs, DMDs, DPMs, and veterinarians. I was wondering if anyone had advice on lenders that provided this...
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    Advertisement 100% Mortgage Financing for Doctors up to a 1mm Loan Amount!

    Cadence Bank offers an Early Professional Loan that goes up to 1 million dollars financed with 0% down and NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE for Dr's less than 5 years out of Fellowship or Residency! We can also close a month before your first paycheck comes in, giving you and your possible partner to live...
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    Advertisement Early Professional Mortgages (TX, FL, AL, TN, MS)

    Cadence Bank is offering 100% financing with NO MI to qualified Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists within 5 years of residency or graduation. You need at least a 720 Credit Score and a contract with your current employer (no commission based contracts) or future employer within 60 days of...