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    MPH About 2018 MPH

    Hey guys, I am currently a senior student in UCSD and I major in biochemistry. Cumulative GPA 3.42/4.0 MAJOR GPA 3.63/4.0 GRE 154 V + 165 Q + 3.5 W I have 1 year research in TSRI and 3 months internship in central disease control. I want to apply Columbia University and Cornell University...
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    MPH low GPA

    Hi everyone, I'm going into my senior of college and I don't have the best GPA. I'm a global health major and economics minor. It was on the rise from freshman year, where I was going through quite a transition. My fall semester (junior year) I had a 3.5 and my overall GPA was a 3.1. However...