1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Common MCAT Pitfalls to Avoid at all Costs

    Lack of information and being disorganized are two major hurdles you must overcome if you want to ace the MCAT. Go into the exam unprepared, and your chances of success are low. What You Need to Do You need to attend our upcoming webinar, presented by our guest from MPrep, Alec Lee. In 5...
  2. D

    MPrep and Kaplan MCAT Qbanks: What scores to aim for, and Kaplan diagnostic

    I know there were some older threads on this topic, but some of them seem rather old and I am not sure if the Qbanks have changed recently. I have just started seriously studying for the MCAT about two weeks ago. On MPrep Banks I am consistently getting about 75%, and on the Kaplan Qbanks I am...