m.s. biomedical sciences

  1. WannaBWisdomWizard

    Dreadful Undergrad + Stellar M.S./Graduate : June 2018 Applicant

    I am an M.S. student at Rutgers GSBS in the dental scholar's program. I will be applying in June this coming cycle Stats: uGPA: 2.95 science uGPA: 2.75 DAT: AA 20, PAT 20, QR 19, RC 23, Bio 19, Gchem 19, OChem 20 ^2nd time taking it Current Graduate GPA: 4.0 (through 15 of 30 credits) I am...
  2. B

    KGI MBS vs. Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences) MSBS

    Hi all, I may not have posted this in the right Forum the first time I posted. I'm interested in both KGI's Master of Bioscience program and Thomas Jefferson University's Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (at Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences). They are both PSM (professional...