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    Questions about MSW degree / social worker career

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but I'm seeking advice as someone who has recently decided to abandon the PhD dream and pursue an MSW instead. I've always known deep down that clinical work was more my passion than research. Upon re-evaluating my true intentions, I...
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    Yale Social Work Fellowship

    I'm curious to hear from anyone who either attended or has knowledge regarding the Yale School of Medicine's postgrad fellowship for social workers. The one I'm specifically interested in is the adult psychiatric program (they have a well known one with Yale Child Study Center but I'm not...
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    MSW or PsyD?

    First post here. I intend to apply to either an MSW or PsyD program in the fall. My personal therapist is an LCSW and she has cautioned me away from seeking a MSW in favor of the PsyD for the following reasons: 1. Over-saturation of MSW/LCSW's (especially in CA) 2. Diminished rigor of clinical...