1. sahell

    MTB2 vs 3 Conflicting Information in Gastroenterology

    Peutz-Jeghers screening: MTB 2 - No additional screening (p303) MTB 3 - Sigmoidoscopy at age 12 (p232) Diverticulosis most accurate test: MTB 2 - Colonoscopy (p301) MTB 3 - Barium enema (p233) Wilson's most accurate test: MTB 2 - Increased urinary copper excretion (p313) MTB 3 - Liver Bx...
  2. E

    MTB Step 2 CK 3rd vs 4th Edition

    I been looking for a while in different places and I can’t find a clear thread on this. I just started studying for the Step 2 CK with OnlineMedEd and I’m pretty satisfied. I’ve heard from a couple of friends that MTB is great and I should use it alongside OME and I want to try it out. I’m...
  3. P

    USMLE MTB CK chronic lung disease alters the menstrual cycle?

    MTB CK Page 158: Cystic fibrosis Genitourinary Involvement Men are often infertile; 95% have azoospermia, with the vas deferens missing in 20%. Women are infertile because chronic lung disease alters the menstrual cycle and thick cervical mucus blocks sperm entry. what's the mechanism of...
  4. StepRepeater1

    MTB or First Aid or Kaplan qBank

    Plan on doing something in conjunction with uworld 2 blocks a day for the next 4 weeks. MTB 2/3 First Aid for Step 2 CK or Kaplan Qbank Which do you think is best? Goal 230-240.
  5. quepid

    Step 3 Prep videos - MedQuest vs DIT 3

    Has anyone used the Conrad Fischer MedQuest videos for step 3? Are they worth it? I thought his Step 2 High Yield video that went along with Master The Board was pretty good. Does the MedQuest go along with the MTB3? Also, how about DIT step 3? About to start Step 3 prep and was trying to...