multiple letters

  1. Welshman

    Two LoRs from the same Job?

    Hi So here's my situation. I've worked at my schools IT center for the past 3 years and I basically have 2 bosses, one I work with every day and another who is a professor and dean at the school. Initially, I asked my daily boss for the letter since she knows me the best but recently I've been...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Multiple Acceptances: How to Deal With a Win-Win Situation

    Which offer should you accept? Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to two (or more!) solid colleges or graduate schools. Or maybe you’ve been accepted to one of your safety schools with a huge scholarship and your top-choice program with no funding. Or, you’ve been accepted to a top-tier...
  3. E

    Recommendations for MD and DO?

    Dear SDN enthusiasts, I have a simple question regarding LOR for MD (and DO schools). If I have a letter from my school's committee and an M.D. (internist), will another letter from a second M.D. (pediatrician) become redundant? Will it help in any way? Also, do DO schools welcome an M.D...