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    Late July 2018 Naplex Pass

    I thought I would share my experience since lurking on these posts have helped immensely. So, I took the exam on 7/24/18 and found out I passed 7/27/18. I am in a state that does not do online scores through NABP, but the early indicator is true. The early indicator is if you put yourself as...
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    NAPLEX: results by mail , Registration closed, NULL Q&As

    Hello, So I'm writing this to try and help those of us whom are members of masochistic states like my own - by this I mean, they send your scores by mail. First, if your online account before/during/soon after taking NAPLEX said "ATT Generated" with options in the furthermost column being...
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    California NAPLEX Scores

    Hi everyone! Since we are not an online reporting state.... My letter has not arrived and I'm getting nervous.. - When did you take it? - When did you get your letter? Also.. Is there truth to the website saying "Registration closed/Score Transfer". Can anyone confirm with "Null" if you did...