1. J

    Help narrowing down list to apply to (East Coast)

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some help narrowing down/revising my current list of schools to apply to this cycle. Most of my decision making thus far has been based on location, as I want to stay in the northeast. I've also weeded out schools that have low OOS acceptance rates. Details: Top 10...
  2. V

    List of Schools

    Hey guys, so I've run into a bit of a roadblock. I've got 25 schools here that I narrowed my list to but I feel like applying to this many schools will just reflect poorly on my application. Anyone willing to help narrow it down? I am a Michigan resident, btw. And here are my stats, in brief...
  3. neuro17

    Need help with school list!!!

    Hi SDN I could use some serious help with my school list. My goal is to get the list to around ~20, but I could see myself at like 35 different schools! I've done my best to filter out OOS-unfriendly schools and locations that I wouldn't like. My main issue is that my MCAT is super unbalanced...