nbde part ii

  1. K

    For Sale Tufts Reviewers - NBDE 2

    I have the 2012 Tufts reviewer for NBDE part 2. Very good material that is recommended by a lot of successful test takers. Pharma, Oral Patho, and pretty much all the other subjects (Endo, OM Radio, OMS, Ortho, Pedia, Perio, Prostho, plus Problem Based Learning Practice Cases, Patient...
  2. elarabym

    NBDE Part II Question Discussion 2015

    Hello Guys! I am doing NBDE exam soon and would like to share and discuss questions here. Anyone is welcome to share their knowledge and post their own questions they doubt. I will start with few questions now, hopefully we can learn from each other. Starting with operative now! Dental...
  3. D

    DNtal Decks Part II For Sale

    Hi, I have Dental Decks Part II and Multiple ASDA Test Packets and released questions for sale. All ASDA Packets are organized with answers and pictures with no writings on them. I'm selling them all together for $150 . I know it's much cheaper than the going rate but I'm moving and I want...