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  1. andreapaolapereira

    MD NBME Behavioral Science Shelf ADVICE PLEASE HELP!!!

    Taking my first NBME Shelf next week for Behavioral Science. I've been studying from BRS and doing UWorld Questions. If any of you taken it can you tell me what type of questions I should be expecting? Lots of ethics? Pharm? Psych? What should I expect for neuro questions? It's supposed to be...
  2. A

    NBME Physio Shelf

    Hey! So I have to pass the NBME physio shelf in 6 days. Any advice on what sources to use? I REALLY need to pass and I'm not too strong in physio. So far I've heard: 1-BRS Physio (I'm not a huge fan of the outlines and don't know this will teach me much - it seems better to review) 2- UWorld...