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    Does this patient have obvious arachnoiditis?

    27 y.o male was referred my to pain clinic for continued pain management (opiate therapy) and c/o continued lumbar and lower thoracic (T8-T12) pain. Pain that persist and worsens through the night and has been present and worsening/staying around the same intensity for approx. two years. The...
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    What should my objective be on my resume?

    I am currently persuing an associates of arts in Biology to major in Neuroscience. Aspiring to go to med school. I want to gain clinical experience as well as research experience or a job related to my career path. I am Interested in anything related to neurology, neuroscience, Neuroradiology...
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    MA/MS Neuroimaging

    Does anyone here know about/have experience with non M.D. careers in neuroimaging and specifically, the educational path to getting there? I'm asking for my fiance who spent last year studying in the U.K. and had decided on a masters in neuroimaging, but has been thus far unable to find any...
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    Two Masters should I focus on Md/PhD or MD?

    Hi all, I'm having some difficulty figuring out if an MD/PhD route will be more beneficial for me than just pursuing an MD with residency and a fellowship/post doc. I obtained a B.S in Neuroscience and I'm finishing up my premed requirements while I'm currently in a Masters of Neuroscience...