new naplex

  1. P

    My experience with the 2017 NAPLEX and study info

    So I was a 2016 graduate from a 3 year program in which I started in 2012. I ended up taking a 1 year break between the 2nd and 3rd year. After I graduated, I took the NAPLEX about 9 months later. I had some stuff come up with family which didn't allow me to take it right after graduation...
  2. D

    Opinions of new naplex

    Do you guys think that it will be easier to pass the new version since the number of questions increased and the passing score is still 75?
  3. doe_eyed

    250 NAPLEX not going into effect until LATE 2016!! MPJE changing APRIl

    Hi everyone, So I wanted to double check what @d_amphetamine just confirmed...AND IT'S TRUE!!! See my attached NABP chat/conversation. 250 length NAPLEX not going into effect until LATE 2016! The MPJE is still changing "2nd quarter of 2016." This is April, apparently.