new practice

  1. S

    Pain practice partnering with hospitals

    hi everyone, I’m starting a new pain practice splitting time between rural hospitals in Indiana. They’re providing some staff and access to their “surgical specialties clinic” for me to see patients in. They will also provide a few staff (I’ve requested 3, a receptionist and two MAs). I will pay...
  2. AcaffinatedMinD

    Doctor I shadowed moved!!!

    Hey, so I'm getting ready to apply this upcoming cycle and you now need to provide contact information for each of your activities. The physician I shadowed moved out of state to pursue a fellowship. I am unsure on what to do in terms of his contact information on my application. His office...
  3. T

    Questions about dental consultants - Fortune and McKenzie.

    Hi, everyone. Do any of you have experience with dental consultants ? Have any of you worked with Fortune Management and/or McKenzie Management ? I have contacted a few dental consultants about the possibility to open a practice but so far have been very uncomfortable about them and their...
  4. L

    Office space for rent for Psychiatrist(s) in future group practice (NC)

    Looking for a Psychiatrist to share group office space either part-time or full-time. This could also be an opportunity for several Psychiatrists (and/or PA, Psychiatric RN) to share the space during alternating times to make this more cost efficient. Would love for a provider to enjoy the...