new schools

  1. Python Forever

    Too many medical schools opening in the near future?

    Recently saw this post in premeddit. It looks like just between 2019-2021, there will be 7 new DO schools opening ( for school details), and recently Kaiser MD and California U MD have opened up. However, it doesn't look like the number of residency spots have increased at the same rate as the...
  2. M

    California University of Science and Medicine

    1. Does anyone know enough to comment the pros and cons of this program? How competitive is this school? (Cali School...) 2. Does anyone know enough about their MBS program and if it is good or not? Pros and Cons? Thanks...
  3. Alienman52

    New Osteopathic Schools not included on AACOMAS?

    Hi All, I just had a quick question. I am aware that there are a few new osteopathic schools opening in 2016-2017. My stats aren't stellar, so I want to target some of the newest schools. Are the schools included on the AACOMAS application service (when "selecting programs") the only schools...