1. Mickey.Mouse

    Rutgers Master of Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    Hey all, Just wanted to get some input from you guys, thanks in advance. I graduated with BS/MS in 2016 with a combined GPA of 3.05, I've been working as a scribe and at an accounting firm for the past 2 years. I needed the money to pay off loans. Anyway, I took my MCAT without studying much...
  2. Fancy312


    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the Rutgers University MBS Dental Scholar track for 2018--in terms of class choices, scheduling, workload, housing.. any fb page yet?. Please let me know, and I am looking forward to attending and beginning this journey :D
  3. L

    Rutgers Newark MBS vs Piscataway?

    Hello guys for people who did the program what is the main difference between the two? I went to the Newark MBS page but cannot find a curriculum, on the other hand Piscataway seem to tailor their classes the same as RWJMS`s classes. I live in NY (one of the boroughs) so Newark is better...
  4. S

    Trauma Surgery Clerkship Question: Cooper vs Rutgers @ Newark?

    Hello all-- I need your help! I was accepted into both the Cooper and the Rutgers @Newark Trauma Surgery clerkship programs, 1 month at each. I don't know which one to pick-- does anyone know which one is better/busier? Or which one would allow me to see the most intense/crazy stuff? Where I...
  5. D

    Rutgers Newark (North) DPT Interview

    Hope all is well and everyone's applications are going smoothly! I was hoping someone could provide some insight on the Rutgers Newark DPT Interview. I was granted an interview for this Friday, Nov. 20th and want to be as prepared as possible so any questions I should expect or anything else of...