1. F

    Question about compounding?

    If you had to make an ointment and the only ingredients called for were drug powder and a base like vasoline, would it be ok to use some mineral oil too? To levigate the powder before incorporating into the vasoline
  2. N

    NYS Immunization

    I got licensed on 9/20 in NYS and was wondering how long it took for other NYS pharmacists to get the "I" on their license. The check that I sent with my application was just cashed yesterday. Thanks
  3. C

    New York NY Compounding Exam Notes

    i have Dr. Cutie's Part III Compounding Written Review Notes+Workbook (purchased 04/2016, brand new, no marks) for his Pharmacy Board Review Programs B/BL (course & notes valued at $425) - let me know if interested! [email protected]
  4. Zenmoment

    NYS PART III Jan16; challenge session

    Below the min grade by four points- any tips to get them back? :( so depressed right now Is it worth even going to the session if I'm at a 4 point loss EDIT (Nov 2016): Wanted to update (late update as I got the results early summer) but for anyone who was bummed by taking & failing the NYS...
  5. H

    Tentative School List!!! For 2016-2017 Cycle

    Hello! My undergrad GPAs are on the lower side (cum 3.5 sci 3.45)....but I have been told that my 4.0 in post-bacc classes and 4.0 graduate GPA, as well as a very strong upward trend in my undergrad GPA (Almost all A's aside from freshman year) should not keep me from applying. I am working on...