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    Postbacc: NYU vs. UCLA extension vs. Loras College? (or more?!)

    Hi all, I've been heavily debating which postbacc program I should begin in the fall. For reference, my uGPA is 3.09 and my science GPA (general chemistry, plus 2/3 of the general bio series) is around a 2.6-2.8. I will be retaking general chemistry and biology. I only got into 1 formal program...
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    Help me decide: NYU vs. Fordham vs. Columbia University

    Hello Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts to likes/dislikes of NYU or Fordham or Columbia University? Many of the previous threads mentioned that Fordham's administration was unresponsive during their time there. However, I think there have been some changes, as the director of...
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    HI guys, is it worth to apply in one year certificate programs, whose tuition is so high like 80k and with high living expenses. Does this in any way help us to get in DDS/DMD PROGRAM at the end of the day?