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    Feeling bad for taking so many gap years

    I graduated December 2016 and don't plan on applying until 2019. I'll be 25 (almost 26) by the time I enter med school in 2020. Is anyone else taking this much time off from school, and if so, what are you doing during these years? I was hoping someone could shed some light on what it's like...
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    What to do if want new letters of rec but already graduated?

    Can I take classes at a CC solely for LORs? Or sign up for more undergraduate classes?
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    Free (Giving away) The Pass Machine $52 discount code/referral (code shown in post)

    Hello, If you need a $52 discount referral code for The Pass Machine (any specialty) just PM me and I'll send you the info need. It's not much but better than nothing! Good luck! EDIT: The code is AMB54953 which is entered into the coupon/discount code box when you input your payment