on call

  1. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Is it wrong to call the patient's Physician On Call to avoid an ER visit?

    Well, it's certainly not in our EMS protocols, but for something simple like my call tonight, here is my reasoning: -Patient called for high home blood pressure reading ("190/110 and rising"), feels fine, no other complaints -Patient is an old lady and it is flu season -Patient is fluid...
  2. M

    Peds – no call?

    I’ve been working in peds focused practices for the last few years and want to go back to school to specialize in pediatric dentistry but I have young children and no support to consider a program that has an on call component. Are there any residencies that prepare you well but do not have an...
  3. A

    On call definition

    I apologize, I'm aware this has been asked previously, but most of the posts are several years old, and don't know if anything has changed. But what is the med student definition for "on call?" does it involve having to be at the hospital at the drop of a hat? the reason I ask is because of...