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    why did you become a Dosimetrist?

    hello, I am currently a radiation therapy student and looking into dosimetry and was wondering what where some reason that people wanted to take the next step and become a Dosimetrist
  2. H

    Major/Field for Undecided Pre-health Need Help Deciding

    Hi guys. This is my first time here on this forum. I am a undecided/pre-health major. What I want to do is help find cures for diseases and also discover new diseases that no one has heard of so this would be some type of engineer which is what I think a bio medical engineer. Also I want to try...
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    I'm at the cross roads and I have a lot to lose.

    I don't want to burden you with a long story. Basically I always had a love for medicine but haven't had much opportunity to go into such a requiring and tedious field. My family/economical Life wasn't quite optimal for medical school. To please my mother I went to college and have gotten my...