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  1. Mass_Effect


  2. W

    Position Available Recently Approved Additional PGY-1 Urology Residency Position at INDIANA UNIVERSITY

    PGY 1 position in 5 year urology residency program at Indiana University starting July 2022 Recently approved additional urology residency PGY 1 position (5 year program) at Indiana University starting July 1, 2022 Students with USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 scores of greater than 245 and honors or...
  3. R

    Position Wanted PGY-1 Position wanted, Canadian IMG

    Hi, I am a Canadian IMG looking for an open PGY-1 position Stats: Step 1: 210, Step 2 CK: 217, Step 2 CS: Pass ECFMG-certified Ready to start! Please DM, thank you!
  4. StraightFlossin

    OHSU GPR 3 Post-Match Positions. Portland, Oregon

    OHSU GPR has 3 post-match positions available. contact Sarah Wilkinson, residency coordinator [email protected]
  5. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM (C)/(P), FM, or TY wanted

    Hi I am US citizen, recent graduate, strong application but unique situation put me off need of Internal Medicine, Prelim/Transitional Year PGY1 position if available anywhere please message me. Flexible with location.
  6. H

    Position Wanted Seeking open position or swap in Pediatrics

    Pediatric PGY1 resident in Southeast. Looking for an open position in New York City for family reasons. Please contact me if you are aware of an opening or are interested in a swap. Thanks!!
  7. R

    Position Wanted Radiology R1

    Hi, USAF kindly approved me to take a leave of absence from active duty to pursue radiology residency. Anyone know of any programs with an open R1 diagnostic radiology to start July 1, 2016? Background: Categorical gen surg washout in PGY4 year in combined military/civilian program. My...
  8. H

    General Practice Residency Positions OPEN IMMMEDIATELY

    One year GPR positions are open now at Harlem Hospital Center. Interested candidates should submit the following: Dental School Transcripts, National Board scores, Dental School diploma,. current CV, and two letters of recommendations. Please submit the documents to [email protected]
  9. B

    Position Wanted US Grad seeking PGY1 position anywhere

    I am a 2015 graduate from US allopathic medical school who is looking for first year position in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine or Pediatrics. I'm also open to transitional or preliminary positions in any of these specialties. I can start immediately.