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    MD & DO Few Medical Schools Teach Addiction - NYT

    Most Doctors Are Ill-Equipped to Deal With the Opioid Epidemic. Few Medical Schools Teach Addiction
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    Does this patient have obvious arachnoiditis?

    27 y.o male was referred my to pain clinic for continued pain management (opiate therapy) and c/o continued lumbar and lower thoracic (T8-T12) pain. Pain that persist and worsens through the night and has been present and worsening/staying around the same intensity for approx. two years. The...
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    Looking for studies - Children of Mother's with Addiction

    I'm looking for any reference articles to gather information specifically pertaining to children of mothers who are addicts. (Opiate addiction, but anything would be helpful). I'm looking for effects of how the mother being absent can affect the development in the acute phases of toddler...