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  1. O

    HELP!! Shadowing/clinical experience during covid?!

    Hi guys! I just finished my third year of undergrad, and I was planning on applying for the 2020-2021 cycle, but now that corona stuff happened I'm worried about how I'm going to get my shadowing/experience hours in... Anyone have any ideas or advice on what I should do? Do you think schools...
  2. M

    The future of Optometry

    So I've been exploring the forum for a while now and I have to say, I'm utterly confused regarding the future of the profession (going off of what I read anyway). I was hoping current Optometrists or Optom students could give honest answers. I understand there are so many factors that play a...
  3. D

    Finding positions or volunteer oppertunites

    Has anyone ever worked or volunteered at an optometry office or a Lenscrafters or Visionworks? I am trying to get a job or even volunteer hours at an optometry office before I go off to optometry school and I would love to hear other people's experiences and how you did that. That would be...
  4. M

    Vision "Exams" through Certified Opthalmic Technicians

    Hello Pre-Opts! I posted this in the optometry forum, but I figure I would post this here since it should play a factor in your decision about Optometry and its future. [Mods, sorry for the double post, I want to get more opinions.] A friend of mine recently came across an optical shop called...
  5. oklahomasooner

    How is Optometry Super Saturated?

    I'm confused as to how Optometry is super saturated? There are only 21 schools and most schools don't even graduate 100 per year! There are multiple medical schools that graduate 150+ yet physicians (or dentists/pharmacists) are not super saturated. So how is the optometrist career super...
  6. rpoore

    Optometrist Needed

    Ameicas Best in Fayetteville North Carolina is Hiring Full and Part-time Optometrist needed asap are also hiring for other locations as well if interested please Email [email protected] Please help spread the word Thank-You in advance!!!!