1. R

    Oral Boards 9/12

    Anyone taking the ABA oral boards on 9/12/22 want to run through cases this week and at the hotel the night before?
  2. G

    OSCE Pharmacy

    Our pharmacy class is taking the OSCE in a couple of days. I heard it's a new skills examination for accreditation. Has anyone else taken this in pharmacy school? If so, any tips?
  3. andreapaolapereira

    MD & DO iHuman Patients by Kaplan

    Hello! Since the COVID-19 outbreak my medical school is finishing the semester giving everything online. We have an OSCE (standarized patient clinical test) coming up and they just announced we will be taking it through Kaplan's iHuman program from home. Has anyone had any experience with...
  4. P

    Anesthesia OSCE’s help

    Is there any sort of resource or grading rubric available for the OSCE? I passed the SOE no problem but failed the OSCE not once but twice. Everyone says to just use the ABA guide and that it’s a piece of cake...but I really don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. When the report came back I was...
  5. P

    Anesthesiology OSCE Exam

    Hi guys last year I took the SOE and OSCE. Unfortunately I did not pass the OSCE part. Based on them I failed in the non technical parts of the OSCE. Informed consent, the QI, etc. US and diagnostic station I did great. My point is that I really don't know what else to do for this OSCE. I...
  6. pharmakev

    OSCE/PEBC in Ottawa

    I know this is a longshot but is anyone here taking the PEBC/OSCE in Ottawa, ON this upcoming November? It would be great to review and practice some cases.
  7. M

    INTERNSHIP in SCANDINAVIA after EU med school

    Hi, I would like to ask what are the requirements needed for someone who just finished Medical School in the EU and wants to do their Internship in Norway or Sweden? What documents are necessary? What tests are required to do? (any Language tests, additional medical tests, etc.) I am in my...
  8. M

    Free OSCE/clinical exam mark sheets

    Found this excellent site with over 75 mark sheets for free! Thought you'd guys would find it really helpful!
  9. M

    Looking for Study Partner in Scarborough

    Hi, I'm a medical student in Scarborough, Canada. I'm studying for the MCCQE1 and NAC OSCE. I need a dedicated study partner. I'm a nice guy and would be willing to meet almost every day. I'm aiming to take the exam in March 2016 for NAC and QE1 after that. Please reply or pm me in the forum if...