panic can no longer be suppressed

  1. S


    I took my exam Monday (04/05) I walked out feeling horrible. I was a 4.0 student and studied HARD all of APPE's. I thought all my questions were hard! SO much HIV and ONCO!!! I am checking NABP website every 5 minutes and am freaking out. Does anyone have any advice? I think people who said the...
  2. C

    Should I postpone or push through?

    Hello all, Sorry for the length, I just want to give a full picture. I need some advice. I've been studying for about two weeks for the MCAT and plan to take it January 19. That means I have about 77 days left. Last night after a full day of studying (didn't get a chance to eat) I came home...
  3. petit_haricot

    LizzyM 74, complete early... and still no interview invites?

    It's been 8-10 weeks since I've completed my apps and I have heard nothing from my schools yet (no rejections, but also no interviews). So far I've been trying to stay patient and positive, but now that it's October I'm really beginning to worry that something might be wrong. Could anyone offer...