part ii

  1. MindtheGlottis

    Failed Oral Boards

    Results came out today. Looks like 10.4% of people failed as well. If anyone is interested can see all the stats here: ABPMR - Exam Statistics Did exceptionally well on my written boards, but failed on the interpersonal and communication domain. In hindsight, I would have done a lot more mock...
  2. P

    For Sale Dental Decks NBDE Part 2 2014 Like New

    ***Decks and First Aid are sold. Mosbys for Part 2 is still available. I also have Mosby's for Part 2, and First Aid for Part 1 if you're interested. Both are also in like new condition. Mosby's is the international edition. Feel free to shoot me an email or message! $40 each for the...