1. U

    Delaying MCAT (again): more prep vs. later app cost-benefit analysis

    Thanks for reading. I believe (correct if wrong)I am a strong applicant, save that I haven't yet taken MCAT. UC Davis Class of 2017: - Major: Political Science - 3.87 sGPA, 3.94 cGPA - 2 years of clinical research - 9 months as ER tech (EMT-certified) - 3 months as healthcare policy analyst...
  2. car guy doc

    NBEO 1st time passage rates each school

    Are there any links/websites that provides the recent 1st time NBEO passage rates in all sections for each school? Frustratingly enough, some schools website's just don't list them. I feel like it would be helpful to know when it comes time to decide where to attend. Specifically from ~...
  3. O

    Need Help Timing Passages

    Hello my compassionate SDN peers, I am here to seek suggestions and tips on timing sections during the test. Do you time each passage or go by number of questions done in a given amount of time. Basically, I am rushing through all my sections, especially Physical Sciences/Chem. I strongly...
  4. L

    MCAT CARS - where would you expect to find this passage?

    I'm studying for the MCAT, and I'm trying to find a pattern in the CARS section for the inference question, "In which of the following would one most reasonably expect to find this passage?" Based on one question, I got that the editorial page of a scholarly journal would be opinionated, but...