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  1. T

    I do not want to do a fellowship - seeking advice

    Hello, I am a (soon to be) PGY2 at an upper-mid tier large academic program (AP/CP). I am an AMG from a reputable medical school. I want to do general, community practice pathology. I do not want to do a fellowship. I entered the field anticipating that I would need to do a fellowship, but...
  2. Docsbc

    IM residency vs Pathology as an IMG?

    Hello everyone, this my 1st post. I am IMG applying for this year residency requiring visa, with creds 253/256/cs 1st attempt, yog 2014 and pathology home country residency from India year 2014-2017. My husband is having home country IM residency with 245/239/cs 1st pass and same yog 2014. So he...
  3. P

    Negotiating Base Salary

    Interested to hear how much, if any, people were able to add to their initial offer. Obviously easier to do so with experience. My experience (1st job): - Most groups flat out said it was non-negotiable. - Few said there was a "little wiggle room", whatever that means. - 1 was willing to...
  4. NuclearDust

    Dermpath Trained (now what): Dermpath only or General Practice?

    Looking for advice/thoughts/perspective from anyone out there on the topic of decisiding on a practice setting after fellowship training in dermpath. Background: I am an AP/CP resident that will be completing Dermpath training at a large academic institution. I generally like all of pathology...