pcat destroyer

  1. A

    Dr. Collins Guide, Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014, PCAT Destroyer ($130 Including Shipping)

    PM me if interested. I used them to take the exam this spring and they helped quite a bit. I accept PayPal; you will get the entire package for $130 with free shipping.
  2. hemsnick2016

    LOOKING FOR: Dr. Collins PCAT prep UPDATE 2016

    Looking for Dr. Collins PCAT Prep study materials with 2016 Updates! Please help!! [email protected]
  3. H

    For Sale PCAT studying materials

    Hello, future pharmacists! I am selling 2015 Dr. Collin's Study guide and 2015 PCAT destroyer for $210. FREE SHIPPING! They both don't have any highlighting/writing inside. They are in GREAT condition! I spilled coffee on PCAT destroyer cover though but inside is brand new. If you want more...
  4. H

    Selling PCAT Studying Materials (Kaplan, PCAT destroyer, Dr. Collins)

    Hello, I finished taking PCAT and now i am selling my PCAT study materials! I strongly recommend studying these (These are enough materials for you to study) and you will definitely ace your PCAT! I used a separate note to take notes and did practice problems so these are pretty much new...
  5. H


    Hello, guys! I am selling Dr. Collin's study guide with 2015 updates (This study guide is so good, I got exactly the same essay prompt, and chemistry questions were pretty similar) 2015 PCAT Destroyer (Spilled coffee on the cover, but it's brand new inside) And 2013-2014 Kaplan PCAT study...
  6. A

    For Sale Dr. Collins and PCAT Destroyer (2014-2015)

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins study guide and PCAT destroyer for $250 shipped. I scored a 88% composite score. email me at: [email protected]
  7. escanoke


    Hello, I have just been accepted into a PharmD program and am unloading my PCAT review materials. I took the PCATS twice, once in September and again in January I have a bunch to resell. I have dr. collins/PCAT destroyer and Kaplan PCAT review. I'm willing to sell the PCAT review for $20...
  8. I


    Hi, I just took the PCAT and I'm selling my Dr. Collins material for $140 free priority shipping. I am also willing to give you some advice in my best parts 91 chem, 90bio, 88math. The others I did good but not so great on because I didn't put much effort into them.
  9. H

    Dr. Collins PCAT Prep Materials

    I am interested in selling my PCAT prep materials. This is what I have. 1. Dr. Collins PCAT with January 2015 updates 2. PCAT destroyer 3. 3 Pearson practice exams I know that the July 2015 updates would be preferable, but I still think the January ones can do no harm! I did really well on the...
  10. J


    Hey Pcat Studiers, I'm DONE taking the PCAT and im looking to sell my 2015 Collins study material! It is the latest verison and in new condition. For all of you feeling iffy about this material, my advice is DON'T, because the Dr.collins study guide helped me tremendously and is very precise to...