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  1. S

    For Sale Dr Collins PCAT Study Material July 2016-2017 With Latest Updates

    Material Original Dr Collins July 2016-2017 material for sale. The material includes latest July updates as well. Brand New Never Used. No markings of any sort, Cost $250 (including shipping). Contact Email: [email protected] or text 919-351-8098
  2. C

    For Sale PCAT Study Guides and Practice Tests with July 2016 Updates

    I am glad that I do not need to take the PCAT again, so I have no need for the materials anymore. Someone please take them off my hands for a reasonable/negotiable price. Absolutely no highlighting or marks. Message me if interested.
  3. LatePrePharm

    Did terrible on first practice PCAT exam...

    I'm taking the PCAT July 22 and I've been putting off studying for a while. I finished most of my prereq classes a few years ago. Yesterday I took an online practice exam from the Kaplan 2017 book, timed, and these were my scores: Composite: 408 (64th) Biological processes: 402 (46th) Chemical...
  4. N

    Selling Dr. Collins

    Selling my 2015 Dr. Collins that includes quantitative, reading, essay, chemistry, verbal, and biology study guides with practice exams. Very good condition and no marks! This was an excellent guide for me and I'm in pharmacy school now. I purchased this at about $500. I'm selling it for $300...