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    verbal 90 bio 93 reading 90 quant 94 chem 99 Yeah yeah, now to the worst part...I have 3 withdrawals and a 3.3 gpa and that's pre-req. What do you guys think? Could I get into a good Pharmacy School?
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    Selling Dr. Collins 2015 New!!! $300

    Selling Dr. Collins for $300 dollars. Hey guys I'm a junior here in Michigan. I just took my PCAT on January 6th and got a preliminary score composite of 80 percentile. I got 94th percentile in Chemistry. 80+ in both Quantative Ability and Biology. And 30-45 in the Reading and Verbal sections...
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    DR COLLINS 2015 PCAT Review for SALE!!

    Hey guys! I am selling my Dr Collins PCAT Review! It is last years edition (2015). Looks brand new..no marks or writing on it! Email me at [email protected] for more info if you are interested :)
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    selling Dr collins 2015 with july updates

    Hello I'm selling my Dr Collins 2015 PC AT with July 2015 updates. Send me message if interested.
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    Pcat Advice !

    Hi guys, I just ordered my Dr.Collins Pcat study guide-it is the 2015 version and I will be taking the Pcat for the first time in January. I have about 3 weeks total to study. I was wondering what is the quickest way to get through the information? Are the study guides necessary to go through...
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    Hi, I just took the PCAT and I'm selling my Dr. Collins material for $140 free priority shipping. I am also willing to give you some advice in my best parts 91 chem, 90bio, 88math. The others I did good but not so great on because I didn't put much effort into them.
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    Selling My 2015 Dr.Collins the Latest version!

    Hey Pcat Studiers, I'm DONE taking the PCAT and im looking to sell my 2015 Collins study material! It is the latest verison and in new condition. For all of you feeling iffy about this material, my advice is DON'T, because the Dr.collins study guide helped me tremendously and is very precise to...
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    Dr Collins Pcat w/January 2015 update for sale

    I recently finished taking the PCATS. I'm selling my 2014-2015 Dr. Collins bundle. It comes with the January 2015 update. PM me!