pearson practice exams

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    October PCAT

    Did anyone take the October PCAT? Please let us know how you did, and what study materials did you use? Was it similar to what you studied? Please share. Thank you!!!!
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    I am selling Dr Collins 2016 w/ 2017 Update & the 3 2017 Pearson Practice Tests along with the Kaplan 2016-2017 PCAT book. Excellent condition with NO writing or markings on any of the study guides or practice questions! Includes all 7 original labeled packets for Dr Collins set in a book...
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    PCAT - Most true to test options?

    I'm taking the PCAT wednesday and I've been prepping with Dr. Collins for a few months. But I took a couple of Pearson practice tests this weekend as a change of pace and to get a different perspective. One thing I noticed is the Pearson tests were WAY harder than Dr. Collins. Especially the...
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    Accuracy of Pearson PCAT Practice Tests?

    I bought and took all three of Pearson exams along with taking all 5 of the Kaplan practice exams in the course. On the Kaplan practice exams, on average I didn't do so hot. After reading a couple of threads, it seems like Kaplan's practice tests are harder than the actual. However, I did pretty...