peer review

  1. DrH541224

    NEEDED: Personal Statement Review!

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could read my personal statement final draft and give me their most honest critique! I appreciate the help.
  2. DrRedstone

    Peer Review Wait-Time

    I feel like I'm waiting for secondaries and IIs again waiting for a journal to peer review some papers I submitted. But I'm definitely not *leaves to check* checking it every 5 seconds, because *leaves to check* that would be crazy, right? For those of you who have done research, what's the...
  3. Ascleoius

    Secondary essays reviews

    Dear SDN readers, I had two people to review my secondary essays in the last few days (thanks all to your generous help). I would like to have some last reviews before I turn it in. Does anyone would like to help? SDN is an amazing place! Thank you all so much in advance!
  4. Ascleoius

    Secondary essays reader/peer review

    Hello it is late in the application cycle, but I just submitted my primaries and received my secondary applications a few days ago. I am wondering if there is still anyone would like to do peer reviews/read for my secondary essays? Thank you all so much in advance!
  5. J

    Personal Statement Review Please!!

    Hi SDN community, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm sorry if this post is where it shouldn't be, but I looked everywhere for 'personal statement review' threads, but couldn't find a "main" one. Anyway, this is my personal statement. Helpful and honest criticism would be greatly...
  6. I

    [Personal Essay - PharmCAS] I am looking for some peer review :)

    [I am new to posting on forums.] I finished my final draft of my PharmCAS personal essay and would like some peer review. How this work? :)
  7. emurree

    PharmCAS Personal Essay Help

    Hello, I'm beginning my personal essay to submit to PharmCAS and was wondering if I would be able to get someone to peer review my work before submission. Any help or advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated!